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Kiosk & POS

The very first step for a driver joining the network is to create a driver profile using the kiosk. Then he will only need to go to the cashier desk to pay the amount for the selected laps. The track can define if the go-karts are rented by Laps, Minutes and if there is any age restriction for driving one type of go-karts. After the products are created during the installation of the Software, the cashier only has to select the product wanted by the customer. When the cashier selects the product, automatically the price and details of the product itself will appear. The system is connected with printer for results and tickets.


Pager system that notifies your customers when the session begins, if they are near the track. If you are at a different location, clients can be notified through the mobile app.


The piece of software that allows you to identify the client with the kart number, session number and manage his session. The timing software allows your timing hardware to measure all the client lap times and display them.

Race and Championship

By introducing concepts such as the number of karts racing, the number of participants, pole position, the race and scoring, you can create and adjust your own racing series such - championships. Data from each race automatically goes to the profiles of your customers on the social network.

Result Display

HDTV and Led displays connected with the timing software. Lap times and race results can be viewed during the sessions from the drivers while they are driving and also from everybody who is at the go - kart centre.

Bar and Shop

With this piece of software you can sell all of POS products in your shop and bar, track inventory and make revisions.


Through this adaptive software you can track your repairs, spare parts and availability of fuel to keep your karts in good condition. Active push notifications alert you to complete parts and goods.


Complete set of reports of you track performance - financial, working hours, popular times, the track program's workload, unaccountable (unpaid tours), a list of all the sessions for the selected period.

HR System

A utility when managing personnel. You can control working hours, the number of serviced sessions, etc. Get insight on the workload and the number of staff who works on the track in varying workloads.

Marketing and

The marketing system allows you to analyze the performance of your track based on customers, products, finances. Using the marketing tools you can create and reach your selected consumer segment with a direct message to them.

Personal Track Website

Each track gets a personal administrative panel. Through it, you can control the information you would like to present on your page. Possibility of multilingualism.

Track’s Fan Club

A place where your customers together in a group can share their passion and experience on your track and all matters related to piloting by sharing videos, photos and comments. Here you can share track events with them.

and Messages

The Social Network Faceracer.com allows for direct connection with your customers. By the admin panel, you can notify them and send individual or group messages.


Your customers can create their own competitions with friends or people close to them in ranking. There are two types of challenges - by time and by creating competitions. Challenges give additional ranking points to your customers.

Results and Ranking

All customers can track the history of all their results depending on their time, age group, and progress. The ranking system classifies drivers based on their overall presence on the track, driven km and the number of challenges.

Support and Security

Faceracer Cloud Platform is running on a secured server infrastructure. All user sensitive information like passwords are stored using Bcrypt hashing. The communication between our Track Management and our Cloud platform is also encrypted with SHA256 SSL CA. As an extra security layer we can provide track owners with 2FA for accessing their customers and sales data using SMS, Google Authenticator or a security token.

Mobile Application

Allows for quick registration, tracking results and ranking, receiving notifications of track events and promotions. Reaching your customer through their pocket.