FaceRacer Features

The most cost effective Track Management Software Worldwide

Kiosk quick registration

When using the kiosk, your customers can create their own driver accounts in just a few clicks. If drivers already have a Faceracer account, they only have to use their e-mail addresses to register themselves. After each heat, they can use the kiosk to check their results and if wanted, register for additional heats. Thanks to the Kiosk system, you speed up your customer flow and create an exclusive database for drivers.

Point of Sale

Customer flow has never been so quick and easy. If your track is busy, you can have as many open points of sale, as you need, for free. Various options help tracks to fasten the registration process, like the ultra fast QR code reader. Once payment is made, a ticket is printed with the details of the heat, the name of the driver and the heat starting line.

Queue System

FaceRacer provides buzzing pagers to improve the queuing process while drivers are waiting for their heats. Drivers can sit in the guest area when it is their turn to drive, the pager buzzes and lights up. If your customer doesn't want to wait at the track and prefer to do other things, they can download the FaceRacer App - receiving a session notification by phone!

Race manager

Thanks to unlimited display options, when a heat is ready to go, marshals already know which karts will be used, how many drivers will be driving and when the heat is starting. A dedicated screen with all information is at their disposal to operate the full management of the heats. Race Manager helps marshals to regulate the flow in the pit and on track and consequently increase the safety in your go-kart center. Have a more smooth track experience - with our Race Manager.

Timing software

Our timing software is compatible with all timing systems worldwide. Our platform integrates timing and sector timing, display and positioning technologies, seamlessly.

Results display

FaceRacer software displays live results and race performances by drivers thanks to a wide range of Monitors. Results are available for drivers, track guests, FaceRacer community and for anyone using our mobile app. The best time of the day, week, month, year and overall best time will appear on the track profile.

Race and championship management

FaceRacer allows you to create Taylor-made races and championships in a fast and simple way. We give you competition models to support you during the creation of them. You fill in driver information, running races and championships easily. You can add rules, race positions, names, weights and number of laps. Once you have created taylor-made formats of races, no need to go through the creation process again, just click on the format of your choice and start the race.

Voucher system

Voucher system is a key element for successful Marketing Campaign. Based on experience, FaceRacer developed an in house voucher system. Vouchers are divided into three distinct categories.

Physical voucher: Printed card with QR Code. According to the QR code selected, the discount is different; by loyalty; season, laps, time, price, etc.

Online voucher: Create a group in our Marketing Panel. Target a specific number of clients. They receive the voucher either by Mail, SMS, Notification, FaceBook. When that driver comes to the track, the system recognizes the discount, giving you satisfied customer.

Marketing Тool

Identify and analyze your track efficiency by using several insight filters linked with your customers, your karts, your financial performance and sold products. Thanks to these insights, you can create and send incentives or promotions to specific targeted groups or individuals. Our software effectively segments your market, delivering the right incentive at the right time. When a driver comes to your track, promotions are automatically linked to his/her profile. If discounts (or voucher) are available, then the discounted price is calculated automatically and drivers enjoy the special price.


FaceRacer reports give you a global overview of your track financial performances, sales efficiency and staff achievement on a selected period. You know exactly what kind of revenue your track is generating, from who, where and when. You can also keep an eye on your employees and control the operational process of the track. Reports help you to find out what is the tendency of your business activity and then take accurate actions.

Calendar and bookings

Online booking lets you build your track calendar easily. Drivers can see, in real time, available time slots. Drivers can also book individual sessions. Group bookings, special events and championship calendars, all at the touch of a button with our user friendly scheduling tools.

Bar and shop management system

How many products do I have in stock, how much capital is invested and how many products do I need to run my business efficiently? After each sale, you have effective control, reporting and analytics tools which aid you in catering for seasonal variations and major events. With accurate forecasting and stock control, when it's time to reorder you receive timely notifications.


Garage system gives you a better overview of necessary repairs and maintenance to operate on your go-karts fleet. You have the history of repairs for each go-kart, mileage and cost of maintenance. The garage feature will also automatically warn your mechanics when it is time to change parts (tyres, oil, etc.), based on optimum consumption - saving your time and money.

HR system

Employees can clock in, note their working hours or plan a schedule based on work patterns. Thanks to the software, you know, when your staff is on track, overall efficiency of the track and also check individual performance. You can assign various roles and levels of access (marshal, cashier, barman, etc.). You can run detailed report and take very decisive moves for the good health and efficiency of the overall business.

Company website

A great opportunity for Tracks is to enjoy a company website, integrated into FaceRacer, with all necessary elements that customers need to know when visiting your track. You can promote events, publish news, add location information and much more, all from your own autonomous administrative panel and business homepage.

Track's fan club

Thanks to FaceRacer, we multiply the number of possibilities for tracks to get in contact with customers. Our FAN CLUB is an area where your drivers can join and discuss topics, share pictures and videos. It is and additional platform for tracks to get in contact with customers and share information, events, discounts or special promotions - drive engagement with your customers.


Create custom events on your track. With the community, it is easy to invite your drivers to test themselves. You could event offer incentives, your drivers will be happy to compete. There are so many way to promote, sell, run and share events with FaceRacer, you will be surprised by just how easy it is.

Notifications and messages

Thanks to the notification system, your can improve the connection with your customers. Drivers will be aware of all the news, promotions, challenges, or events that you want to share with them. When something happens on your track, your drivers are alarmed and so, stay in the loop! Double your communication impact by sending messages to a specific targeted group of drivers, or to all of them at once. Last but not least, the notifications system raises also the interactivity between drivers and consequently boosts their motivations to race and compete together, on your track!

Live Timing

Thanks to the Live Timing, drivers will be able to attend your events in real time, even from distance. The Live Timing is customizable and adapts to fit on any display devices from distance. Easily integrable into personal tracks' website, it is also possible to display the Live Timing directly on track.

Weather station

FaceRacer knows that drivers must compare what is comparable. A lap time under rain will not be the same as a lap time in high summer with a shining sun! We provide tracks with an accurate weather station linked to our software. When drivers want to compare performances, they know exactly what the prevailing conditions are.

Membership Card

Tracks can provide drivers with membership cards to offer discount or additional driving time. When the card is swiped, the offer appears and your drivers enjoy an individual rate. To match with the branding of your track, FaceRacer produces personalized membership cards using your colors and your logo.

Driver profile

The very first step for a driver joining the community is to create a driver profile. Any customer can create his account from anywhere, directly at the track, just before driving (by kiosk or by cashier) or at home. The driver will be able to customize his own account with his personal information and pictures. Once the account is created, each driver has the opportunity to enjoy a global overview of his own performances and achievement. Each driver is also able to explore other drivers' accounts to analyze and compare their respective performances.

Rank level

As a new comer into the community, drivers start from "beginner level". Then, regarding on which track the customers are driving, there are some objectives to realize in order to improve their drivers' status. These objectives are defined by the track themselves (number of kilometers to do, lap timing to beat, and this for each model of go-kart available). Once a driver beats one of the objectives, then his status is upgraded according to the result (Beginner, Diver, Pilot and Racer). The goal for drivers is to clear all objectives and become a Racer!

Results history

The objective of FaceRacer community is to share the passion of karting and increase own drivers performances thanks to complete results data from each session. Every time a driver drives on a track, all his lap times are recorded. Best lap generates a ranking, by day, by week, by month or by year, by model of go-kart, or specific track. All results are available at the track, online through the community, or on your phone, from our mobile app.

Ranking system

There are two different kinds of rankings. Ranking by time and by points. Ranking by time is based on lap times. To add more accuracy to the ranking, FaceRacer provides weather condition (temperature, atmospheric data, track temperature and more). The weight of a driver is also recorded. Drivers compare lap time on the same conditions! You can filter the rankings by group of age, on a selected track, for a selected period. Ranking by points is based on four criteria, number of driven kilometers, personal best time, points from challenges and points from championship. Every time a driver creates a challenge or enters a challenge, he is granted bonus points.


Challenge by Time: Drivers select a group of friends and send them a Challenge. The drivers select the day, the track, the model of go-kart and that's it! All drivers invited will receive a notification that they are integrated into the challenge. On the day of the challenge, drivers who accepted it come and compete anytime they want during the day.

Challenge by Race: Drivers become race organizers thanks to FaceRacer! Drivers are the one to invite friends, select the day of the race and choose which go-kart will be used. At the end of the race, results are recorded into our system. Drivers can check the results of their event anytime.

Friends and messages system

As in all social media, drivers can invite friends to like and share their profiles. Just in a few clicks, drivers can create connections with members of the community from the other side of the world. FaceRacer also provides every driver with an online chat option. Drivers can make contact in real time, discuss, and share files or images. The best way to keep in touch with karting friends worldwide.

Mobile Application

FaceRacer increases communication around your track thanks to our mobile app. A Mobile app stimulates your customers to drive more often, promotes higher engagement with your business. Results, news, promotion, notifications messages and images can be shared through the app. The app also gives drivers access to quick registration, special discounts, live results all our community features.

Security and support

FaceRacer provides software, hardware and technical support in a number of ways. We have a twenty four hour helpdesk staffed with highly experienced technical staff contactable by phone, email or skype.. We also provide training and change management, so you can get the most out of FaceRacer, knowing where to go to get the information and resources you need, quickly. Last, but not least, we have a live chat option, where our tech support teams are available, anytime. Our remote and onsite teams work to resolve any issue as quickly as possible - we know time is money.